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Make Breakfast fun for kids!

So, my li’l rascal has been behaving. Watching television when I want her to and turning it off accordingly. She comes back from school with ‘stickers’ on her hands for all the ‘help’ she has offered at school. And then, she’s been smothering me with kisses. Means just one thing. It’s time for a treat. So I asked her what she wanted and she said, she’d like to make “Fairy Bread’ . “It’s yummy mum, and I learnt how to make it in school”, she said.

We set to make it for breakfast a few days back. Thought you might like to try this with your little cracker too :).

As instructed I laid whatever she wanted, on the table.

1. Bread cut into triangles.

2. Sprinkles (pink ones please, mumma)

3. Butter (I want it soft, mum)

4. Plates

5. Knife for the butter

6. M n M’s (to be had after breakfast as dessert, please, mumma?)

My 4-year-old takes on from here!

So, mumma’s friends, this is how we make it. Look carefully, please.

1. First spread butter on the triangles. Like this.

2. Then sprinkle the pretty pink sprinkles ALL over the bread. Okay?

It can be messy. So wear an apron like I did.

3. Then look at it in amazement! And say ooooooooooooooo!

4. Take a big bite and enjoyy!!

I hope you enjoyed making Fairy bread with me?

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