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Chocolaty Cheese

It is always difficult to get some milk product into my baby and I keep trying various ways in which I can get him to agree to eating it. Most times it doesn’t work but things were different this morning. 🙂

Initially, I tried giving him regular cream cheese sandwich but he rejected it. After trying for some time, I was about to give up when I got an idea.

There was some crunchy chocolate spread at home.


So, on a piece of bread I applied the cream cheese and then applied some choco-spread on it.


The flavours changed instantly and I tried giving Ameya this sandwich.


Voila! It worked!! Ameya who doesn’t generally eat anything sweet either liked this choco-cheese sandwich and happily ate it! 🙂


I couldn’t have been a happier mom and had to share it with all! Do try it at your place if you kid doesn’t agree to have cheese. 🙂 🙂


Gopi Krishna in the pool

Water and Ameya (my little one) are made for each other. Every time he enters the water in his bath-tub or the complex swimming pool, I have a hard time getting him out! And then, didn’t I just write what all moms face with their kids in this scenario? 🙂

So today I will tell you about this incident in the swimming pool last week. We (Ameya, my hubby and I) had a family time in the adults pool area. After an hour or so we took him to the kiddie pool. At first he was not happy to be there but started enjoying in a bit. This was because all the little girls (all elder to him) in the pool came to play with him in the kiddie pool!!


It was a delight to see him play with them. They took care of him and ensured that he didn’t slip or fall. It was like there were small Gopis with a little Krishna in the pool (from Indian mythology)!


Seeing them together, I couldn’t resist and took some pictures and thought of sharing them with you all.

Needless to say, when I tried to get him out of the kiddie pool at the end of another hour he was very unhappy and didn’t want to leave, protesting in his way saying he wanted to stay back in the water! 🙂

This time in the pool surely tired him out so much that after a wash and a snack, Ameya fell asleep for a good 2 hours.

And he was still talking about his time in the pool and the girls while I put him to bed that night! A boy after all I smiled. 😉

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