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A Page From a Mother’s Diary

The below content is a page taken (with permission) directly from a person’s diary who is very special to me…

—-section from the diary ——
21 Nov 2008 – 53 Weeks 2 Days

100 Weeks – 21 October 2009

21 Nov 2009 – 104 Weeks 3 Days
21 Nov 2010 – 156 Weeks 4 Days

200 Weeks – 21 September 2011

21 Nov 2011 – 208 Weeks 5 Days
——section ends here——–

…… No brainer… It’s someone’s bday…and you may think that what’s so special about it.

But if I tell you that it is taken from a mother’s diary….. It tells a lot… These numbers automatically starts telling a story of love, care, happiness and moments which are priceless.

If you feel same way as I felt after seeing those dates/numbers, give a call to your mother and bring a smile on her face – a small token of thanks for all love, care and sacrifices she did for u…..

BTW 21st Nov is our son’s bday 🙂

Thanks Mili (Neeta) for all you do to help Meet grow strong mentally and physically as each day pass by.

– A letter from a Father!


one day for all the mothers..

Though motherhood is a fun but everyone needs a break from their daily routine.So here is one day for all mothers who dedicate their 364 days,every year through out their lives, to their little ones.

“Please Take My Child To Work Day” is dedicated to all mothers with young children,who don’t get time off looking after them; Please Take My Children To Work Day was created to raise awareness that mothers need their own quality and holiday time while other family member look after their children.


I remember when my kid was toddler and I was a full-time at-home mom how exhausting it was to have kid hanging off my belt loops all day or putting rhymes in the DVD player while I tried to get something done around the house. At-home moms often don’t feel like they deserve a break because they have the privilege of staying home. But when a sick day is doing what you do every other day, only you feel worse, and you can’t use the bathroom without an audience, you need an excuse to get a day off. And here it is.

Lets take an off today.

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