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Fashionista Moms

Many of us may not agree but if Women would not have been here, fashion couldn’t be a passion ever.How much ever we would have been fashion innovator or follower  in our time, but once a woman enter into motherhood, she hardly gets time to keep an eye on the latest trends. Juggling between our hormonal changes which often lead to start of depression (some of us go little ahead and some of us manage ourselves to get out of it soon)and bringing up a child we often forget about ourselves. Recall those days when we never stepped out of house without putting kajal or eyeliners or any particular makeup.Some of us love to put nailpaints but have you ever thought of teaching colors to your prescholar with your colorful nailpaints !!!!

Put different colors on your nails or put a bright colorful dress to make your toddler friendly with colors as well as keep yourself refresh when its really tough to get time for yourself.

Idea is to pick some innovative way to teach..which will improve your child’s  creativity and imagination and along with that you will be able to make yourself energetic and your passions may found many more innovative way to take out the best of your child.

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