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Big Cook Little Cook

One of the many things I wholeheartedly enjoy doing with my kid is, cooking. It is something I learnt from my mother. I remember spending some fabulous time with my brother, in the kitchen,  helping mom bake our birthday cakes and sometimes even making our own scrambled egg breakfast.

Quite like the Ceebeebie’s ‘Big Cook Little Cook’ show, my four year old and I cook up fun things. And the best part about this is she eats what she makes, no matter how bad it turns out 🙂 !

So then, do try baking cup cakes, fun shaped cookies or for the less adventurous moms and dads, simply hand over a ball of dough and a toy rolling pin to your little one and watch them. This is the best way perhaps to keep them well within your eye-sight while you are in the kitchen, and for sure, is a great way to bond with them. Little minds are like little scheme-engines. Its a little mortifying, the kind of things they can come up with in these play sessions. Don’t be surprised if you five year old rolls out a ‘snake’ or a ‘monster’ and devours it with equal enthusiasm. I assure you, it is a lot of fun.

They say it is good to start your children early on vocational training. Motor skills improve and it is a great opportunity for parents to observe what their child is good at/enjoys/has potential for. A little girl I know loved baking with her mom, but eventually, she enjoyed doing the colour frosting and icing more than anything else. Turns out she is a keen painter and loves experimenting with colours in her drawings.

Its is a great idea to have a birthday tea party, and get all your kid’s friends to bake their own little mini cup cakes. Give them little things to do. Have them all in aprons and watch the little chefs create a mess and have a ball of a time. It can be a lot more fun than a cliché Birthday bash.

I hope you will do these little nothings with your child, who is growing at a lightening speed  and fill up your album of fun memories.

So, how about starting with getting a toy kitchen set for your little ‘un? Or even better, try renting Rentoy’s Tinker Bell Disney Fairies Tea Set! It is available in the trial catalogue too. Buy it if your child really enjoys making you tea later on. 🙂 Rest assured, you will get your tea right in your bed!

Stay cool and have fun!

The Ketchup Girl


The Gift of Green

Its all about conditioning. You are what you are because of the the conditioning at home- to  a large extent. A lot of what you were exposed to in your childhood remains with you. Just think of all the good things you were introduced to as a child and as you grew up how these little nothings grew on you and stayed with you, as a habit.

So just imagine the impact children this generation will have on growing up, if you give them the gift of green. Catch them young, and inculcate green habits today, and secure a beautiful world for them. Teach them to love, nurture and appreciate. Here are my top 5 green things to do with your child –

1. Put together a garden kit with a little pot, a small shovel, a few soaked  bean sprouts and soil. Get them to plant the sprouts in the soil. teach them to water every day. And watch with wonder, the amazement in their eyes when they see the sprouts sprout!

2. Give a weekly prize for saving paper.

3. Encourage them to use a slate for practicing their alphabets.

4. Teach them not to waste. Not with a scolding, with a story may be? (Remember, your mom scolded you for wasting, but it had little impact on you 🙂 )

5. Recycle your toys – donate them, pass them over to friend’s kids, exchange toys your child is bored of with other kids’ toys. Am sure mothers will be more than willing to do this instead of making weekly/fortnightly shopping rounds at toy shops.

5. And last but most certainly not the least, buy them eco-friendly toys.

These are little things, but remember these things will amount to big changes in future.

Stay green!

Contributed by The Ketchup Girl

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