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Gopi Krishna in the pool

Water and Ameya (my little one) are made for each other. Every time he enters the water in his bath-tub or the complex swimming pool, I have a hard time getting him out! And then, didn’t I just write what all moms face with their kids in this scenario? 🙂

So today I will tell you about this incident in the swimming pool last week. We (Ameya, my hubby and I) had a family time in the adults pool area. After an hour or so we took him to the kiddie pool. At first he was not happy to be there but started enjoying in a bit. This was because all the little girls (all elder to him) in the pool came to play with him in the kiddie pool!!


It was a delight to see him play with them. They took care of him and ensured that he didn’t slip or fall. It was like there were small Gopis with a little Krishna in the pool (from Indian mythology)!


Seeing them together, I couldn’t resist and took some pictures and thought of sharing them with you all.

Needless to say, when I tried to get him out of the kiddie pool at the end of another hour he was very unhappy and didn’t want to leave, protesting in his way saying he wanted to stay back in the water! 🙂

This time in the pool surely tired him out so much that after a wash and a snack, Ameya fell asleep for a good 2 hours.

And he was still talking about his time in the pool and the girls while I put him to bed that night! A boy after all I smiled. 😉


Parallel Play

All children love to play. They also tend to outgrow their toys very easily and quickly. So when my son goes to his friends’ houses (or vice versa), he enjoys the new (meaning different from his) toys that he gets to play with. And then at this young age of 2 & 3 years, kids aren’t great social beings. In the attempt to teach our kids sharing, we (my friends and I) try to get our kids to play together as much as possible. And it mostly works much to us moms’ relief! 🙂 Occassionally, there’s some screaming and snatching too – am sure all moms agree. 😉

This time my friend and I decided to leave our sons in the play room, on their own. We just carried on with our chit-chat and waited for that inevitable scream. But guess what? About half an hour passed and we had heard no such noise from the room and went to check on them. And what did we see? Our sons were playing quietly by themselves without bothering the other. Na na, not playing with each other. They were playing alone but knew what the other was doing.

Every couple of minutes, one would turn around and see if the other was in the room and then continue with his own game. If one of them left the room, the other would follow a minute later check out what’s happening and then come back to his toy in the room.

It was so nice to see them this way. Parallel play at its best and we mothers felt so good to see them like this. 🙂 Now we’ve decided, we shall get our kids together in a room full of toys and just let them be – they’ll figure out a way to make their time better and maybe, eventually, they’ll start playing with each other. A parent can only hope! 🙂

Flu and You

Feels awful to have stayed away from this space for so long. But I am back, with a bag of stories!

Seasonal changes are not just about rising or falling temperatures in your city. Along with cool showers come a new strain of virus to make life miserable for us and our tots. I have dealt with some very difficult times with flu and the various versions associated with it. We as a family always fall sick together with a change in season. [That way we are pretty thick, doing things together :-)]. But this time I nearly lost my mind, with my girl and I down for weeks together with no respite. Turns out we are allergic to pollen.

A lot of you parents grapple with sickness, and it can be very harrowing. Even a simple cold can give you sleepless nights. We invest a lot of time in doctor visits and in fretting over thermometer readings. We try our best to make our child better with whatever it takes,  but we often forget that simple things help heal faster. You know, little things like a shift in focus.  Let me share a little experience. In all probability you’ve experienced this already.

After being sick for over a month I gave the whole deal a very serious thought, and tried to understand where we were going wrong.  We were falling sick too often and I usually gave my little one the flu bug instead of the other way round. And this was despite me being home and her at school, where children are more likely to catch bugs of all sorts. We ate right, and did the usual ‘right things to do to stay healthy’. But there was still something we (i) weren’t doing .

I think,  first of all the excessive fear of catching the virus literally invites it home. I am mortified of Spring. Instead of going out and admiring the lovely flowers in full bloom, I am terrified of catching a cold. And that’s exactly what I end up nursing- a terrible cold. 😀

I think one’s state of mind matters a lot in dealing with sickness. And being positive is all that it really takes to bring the spring back in your feet.  No matter how many Apples and Oranges you gobble, if you are not in a positive state of mind, nothing will help. So, while I coughed and wheezed, I watched in amazement my 4 year old jump all over the house and play as normally as she usually does,  despite a very high temperature. Probably because she has little understanding of what ‘fever’ or ‘allergy’ is.  She was busy with her toys and pretend plays, where she build castles and went shopping with her pets and Barbie. On the other hand I was  Googling obsessively about every symptom of Pollen allergy and all the other miseries that go with it.  I looked for sympathy on Facebook and coughed some more. I chose to remain down, my little one chose to smile and be happy and focus her energies on everything, but sickness.  And its not such a big surprise that she bounced back to health much, much before I did.

It is a valuable lesson for adults. To be positive not just about your promotion and salary but also about your health! I recently read in a book by Rhonda Byrne, that the power to good health lies with us. It is just a matter of attracting it.  Cribbing about a running nose will apparently, only make it worse. 🙂 Also, I feel a lot of parents go too far and restrict children with common cold and flu to bed and keep reminding them that they are sick. Instead, its a better idea to remain normal around them. That will help them much more. Besides, your child would much prefer a smiling happy parent than a grumpy, obsessive and nervous one.

So, smile often, love more, stay positive, stay healthy!

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