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Many of us may not agree but if Women would not have been here, fashion couldn’t be a passion ever.How much ever we would have been fashion innovator or follower  in our time, but once a woman enter into motherhood, she hardly gets time to keep an eye on the latest trends. Juggling between our hormonal changes which often lead to start of depression (some of us go little ahead and some of us manage ourselves to get out of it soon)and bringing up a child we often forget about ourselves. Recall those days when we never stepped out of house without putting kajal or eyeliners or any particular makeup.Some of us love to put nailpaints but have you ever thought of teaching colors to your prescholar with your colorful nailpaints !!!!

Put different colors on your nails or put a bright colorful dress to make your toddler friendly with colors as well as keep yourself refresh when its really tough to get time for yourself.

Idea is to pick some innovative way to teach..which will improve your child’s  creativity and imagination and along with that you will be able to make yourself energetic and your passions may found many more innovative way to take out the best of your child.


Gopi Krishna in the pool

Water and Ameya (my little one) are made for each other. Every time he enters the water in his bath-tub or the complex swimming pool, I have a hard time getting him out! And then, didn’t I just write what all moms face with their kids in this scenario? 🙂

So today I will tell you about this incident in the swimming pool last week. We (Ameya, my hubby and I) had a family time in the adults pool area. After an hour or so we took him to the kiddie pool. At first he was not happy to be there but started enjoying in a bit. This was because all the little girls (all elder to him) in the pool came to play with him in the kiddie pool!!


It was a delight to see him play with them. They took care of him and ensured that he didn’t slip or fall. It was like there were small Gopis with a little Krishna in the pool (from Indian mythology)!


Seeing them together, I couldn’t resist and took some pictures and thought of sharing them with you all.

Needless to say, when I tried to get him out of the kiddie pool at the end of another hour he was very unhappy and didn’t want to leave, protesting in his way saying he wanted to stay back in the water! 🙂

This time in the pool surely tired him out so much that after a wash and a snack, Ameya fell asleep for a good 2 hours.

And he was still talking about his time in the pool and the girls while I put him to bed that night! A boy after all I smiled. 😉

Parallel Play

All children love to play. They also tend to outgrow their toys very easily and quickly. So when my son goes to his friends’ houses (or vice versa), he enjoys the new (meaning different from his) toys that he gets to play with. And then at this young age of 2 & 3 years, kids aren’t great social beings. In the attempt to teach our kids sharing, we (my friends and I) try to get our kids to play together as much as possible. And it mostly works much to us moms’ relief! 🙂 Occassionally, there’s some screaming and snatching too – am sure all moms agree. 😉

This time my friend and I decided to leave our sons in the play room, on their own. We just carried on with our chit-chat and waited for that inevitable scream. But guess what? About half an hour passed and we had heard no such noise from the room and went to check on them. And what did we see? Our sons were playing quietly by themselves without bothering the other. Na na, not playing with each other. They were playing alone but knew what the other was doing.

Every couple of minutes, one would turn around and see if the other was in the room and then continue with his own game. If one of them left the room, the other would follow a minute later check out what’s happening and then come back to his toy in the room.

It was so nice to see them this way. Parallel play at its best and we mothers felt so good to see them like this. 🙂 Now we’ve decided, we shall get our kids together in a room full of toys and just let them be – they’ll figure out a way to make their time better and maybe, eventually, they’ll start playing with each other. A parent can only hope! 🙂

Fun Dough with Kids

My nearly 2 year old loves to make things with Play Dough. This is wonderful, yes, and it also helps bring out my son’s creative abilities. At the same time, I am also (no, was) worried that he would eat the dough and all such things. Was because, I discovered this lovely recipe to make my very own edible (not for eating per se but not to worry if it does reach your child’s throat) fun dough for my son. And he helps me make it too! 🙂

So let me share this one with you – believe me, it is as good as the one we get outside, non-toxic with various edible colours and cheap as well! All this with our regular kitchen ingredients – some plain flour, cooking oil, salt, cream of tartar and of course water, so here goes:

Take 2 cups of plain flour without any rising agents, 1 tablespoon of cooking oil, ½ cup of salt and 1 tablespoon cream of tartar. Mix well with a wooden spoon and then slowly add 2 cups of water into the mixture avoiding lumps. Heat a saucepan with 1 tablespoon of water on medium heat, add the mixture into the pan and stir it until it thickens. You will know it is ready when it is no longer sticky.

The prepared dough will be colourless but you can add various ingredients (a pinch or few drops) to the water you mix when making the dough and get different colours! Like; a pinch of turmeric will give you yellow, adding smooth spinach paste will give you green, saffron will give orange, soya sauce will give a black colour, barbecue sauce will give a brown shade and then you can just experiment – as long as you don’t put red chilli powder for a red colour! 😉 Various food colours are edible and can give a large variety of colours to the dough.

Let the prepared dough cool and then watch your child get creative! 🙂 Just remember, the dough dries faster than the readymade one so store it in an airtight box in the fridge. If it gets dry you can add a few drops of warm water to soften the dough.

My son loves this dough as his mom is not trying to stop him from putting it in the dough. It also cleans off faster from the surfaces. So a win-win all the way! Enjoy!! 🙂 🙂

Big Cook Little Cook

One of the many things I wholeheartedly enjoy doing with my kid is, cooking. It is something I learnt from my mother. I remember spending some fabulous time with my brother, in the kitchen,  helping mom bake our birthday cakes and sometimes even making our own scrambled egg breakfast.

Quite like the Ceebeebie’s ‘Big Cook Little Cook’ show, my four year old and I cook up fun things. And the best part about this is she eats what she makes, no matter how bad it turns out 🙂 !

So then, do try baking cup cakes, fun shaped cookies or for the less adventurous moms and dads, simply hand over a ball of dough and a toy rolling pin to your little one and watch them. This is the best way perhaps to keep them well within your eye-sight while you are in the kitchen, and for sure, is a great way to bond with them. Little minds are like little scheme-engines. Its a little mortifying, the kind of things they can come up with in these play sessions. Don’t be surprised if you five year old rolls out a ‘snake’ or a ‘monster’ and devours it with equal enthusiasm. I assure you, it is a lot of fun.

They say it is good to start your children early on vocational training. Motor skills improve and it is a great opportunity for parents to observe what their child is good at/enjoys/has potential for. A little girl I know loved baking with her mom, but eventually, she enjoyed doing the colour frosting and icing more than anything else. Turns out she is a keen painter and loves experimenting with colours in her drawings.

Its is a great idea to have a birthday tea party, and get all your kid’s friends to bake their own little mini cup cakes. Give them little things to do. Have them all in aprons and watch the little chefs create a mess and have a ball of a time. It can be a lot more fun than a cliché Birthday bash.

I hope you will do these little nothings with your child, who is growing at a lightening speed  and fill up your album of fun memories.

So, how about starting with getting a toy kitchen set for your little ‘un? Or even better, try renting Rentoy’s Tinker Bell Disney Fairies Tea Set! It is available in the trial catalogue too. Buy it if your child really enjoys making you tea later on. 🙂 Rest assured, you will get your tea right in your bed!

Stay cool and have fun!

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