Its not only about growing up a Child

Parenting is not all about upbringing your kid with lots of love,care and pampering!! It’s a whole process of promoting and supporting the Physical, Emotional, Social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood.

Raising a child is the hardest, most responsible and satisfying task a human being can face and it is the longest task too that an individual will ever perform. Very well said by Robert Brault ( an American Writer )-

“The trouble with learning to parent on the job is that your child is the teacher.”

More than the wealth and income of a family the the most important factor that affects the upbringing of children is the Social Class and when we talk about Social Class,one should not get confuse with the social Status of a family. Social Class is more like to teach your children about the social factors,like how they should behave in a situation? Or how should they handle the success and failures in their life? Or what should be their approach towards life? Or how should they accept what the life has for them?

It becomes essential to understand parenting styles as well as how those styles contribute to the behavior and development of children. Each person’s knowledge of how to bring up a child usually comes from their surroundings and their own upbringing. This may result in patterns from the parent’s own social experiences being repeated and passed on to their children.

We have so many rewards for the recognitions. At Offices, at Schools, at Colleges, even at Hospitals..Best Performer, Best Employee, Best Student, Best Teacher, Best Care taker and many more but have we ever heard a “Best Parent Award”? * Atleast i could not found* and the reason is Every parent bring up their child at their best.

It may seems a bit filmi but it is important to teach our child the importance of each and every day in our life. What fun they can have in a day? How much they enjoy with learning?It can help us to change their attitude towards life as well as stimulate their innovation and enhance their creativity.

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Happy Parenting !!


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