A Page From a Mother’s Diary

The below content is a page taken (with permission) directly from a person’s diary who is very special to me…

—-section from the diary ——
21 Nov 2008 – 53 Weeks 2 Days

100 Weeks – 21 October 2009

21 Nov 2009 – 104 Weeks 3 Days
21 Nov 2010 – 156 Weeks 4 Days

200 Weeks – 21 September 2011

21 Nov 2011 – 208 Weeks 5 Days
——section ends here——–

…… No brainer… It’s someone’s bday…and you may think that what’s so special about it.

But if I tell you that it is taken from a mother’s diary….. It tells a lot… These numbers automatically starts telling a story of love, care, happiness and moments which are priceless.

If you feel same way as I felt after seeing those dates/numbers, give a call to your mother and bring a smile on her face – a small token of thanks for all love, care and sacrifices she did for u…..

BTW 21st Nov is our son’s bday 🙂

Thanks Mili (Neeta) for all you do to help Meet grow strong mentally and physically as each day pass by.

– A letter from a Father!


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