Chocolaty Cheese

It is always difficult to get some milk product into my baby and I keep trying various ways in which I can get him to agree to eating it. Most times it doesn’t work but things were different this morning. 🙂

Initially, I tried giving him regular cream cheese sandwich but he rejected it. After trying for some time, I was about to give up when I got an idea.

There was some crunchy chocolate spread at home.


So, on a piece of bread I applied the cream cheese and then applied some choco-spread on it.


The flavours changed instantly and I tried giving Ameya this sandwich.


Voila! It worked!! Ameya who doesn’t generally eat anything sweet either liked this choco-cheese sandwich and happily ate it! 🙂


I couldn’t have been a happier mom and had to share it with all! Do try it at your place if you kid doesn’t agree to have cheese. 🙂 🙂


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