Changing Era of Play

Memories are still crystal clear when I was surrounded with wooden toys, some with wooden hoops and some making hilarious noise while running. Yes, I am talking about my childhood, an era which was not equipped with modern toys, they were not electronically operated nor had flashing lights or remote to control/run them.  However, they still helped me play, learn, grow and understand the world around me. I would rather say, they helped me discover emotional, relational, intellectual and spiritual senses and grow strong, mentally and physically both.

During my childhood, toys were selected by my parents to engage & keep me busy but today, parent are more cautious and select toys for their kids keeping holistic development in mind. Technology has added advantage to that and have replaced everything including toys – Games like Angry birds, electronic books, DVDs, transformers, dinosaurs and electronic toys etc.

However, whatever form toys have taken, their purpose and love remains the same!


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