Come on, be a sport!

This is perhaps the best time to instill the ‘sporty spirit’ in your children. The FIFA fever is at a crazy high and there  can’t be a better time to tell how important sports can be in the life of a  child. Yes, the physical benefits will lure the moms to send their tots out to the fields, but the other ‘fringe’ benefits that come with sports are far too many to be ignored. Simply put,  sports teaches you leadership skills, discipline, grit, determination, fair-play, team spirit, how to handle a win, and in the same breath how to handle a defeat. In short, sports is all about LIFE.

Be it a game of tennis, badminton or Lagori, we cannot ignore, how many friendships were formed while playing. Fair-play cannot be taught better than while playing a sport. I also think being passionate about a particular sport also promotes a healthy mind and conditions one to  pursue interests in life, with equal zeal.

It might be a good idea for parents to explore options for their child in their early  years itself– choose what kind of sports they might enjoy and eventually be good at.  Do remember, kids have a mind of their own and might sometimes out right reject playing a particular game. You might give up thinking he/she shouldn’t be forced into doing something. While it is fair to believe that a child shouldn’t be forced, do remember that a child is not fully capable of understanding and knowing  what might be best for him. So keep encouraging your little champ to give it a try.

Tennis classes, cricket / soccer coaching, basket ball or swimming lessons-  whatever be it, always give your child the thumbs up to play with friends in the field, for everyone can do with some fresh air and exercize!  And the next time you plan a family outing, remember to pack your cricket kit or what ever your family fancies.

BTW, are you having a FIFA finals party at home? I think it’s a fun idea. 🙂  Involve your children in it and cheer for your favourite team. (Spain, please?)

Contributed by The Ketchup Girl


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