Ma. I still go back to her.

I was gifted a hundred books about motherhood, in my baby shower. And when my girl was born, I think I subscribed to just about all the parenting sites online and got on a myriad mommy forums, read blogs, networked on Circle of Moms on Facebook. And of course, there was the mighty Google! You see, I just didn’t want to take a chance. I needed to know just about everything a parent/mom needed to know about their newborn. Who wants to suck at motherhood, now, tell me?

But, wait. Did I forget to mention something? Where’s ma? Yes, the same one who pushed me out of her over 3 decades back? Shouldn’t she be the first one on my must-consult list on motherhood? Actually she was- just that she was taken for grated. She was a given, after all. And might I add, despite the information overload and the treasure trove of knowledge available online, I always fell back on what Ma had to say.I had ma’s number on fast dial, so each time my girl cried, out went a call and in no time, I had not just advice, but so much comfort and reassurance that I was doing just fine as a mom. I needn’t panic, just yet.

I talk of Mum, because, I think all that I really learnt of Motherhood was wholly from her. And she was carrying in her the age-old ‘nuskas’ and tricks that were free hand-me-downs from generations before her. Sure, I had my set of qualms about traditional methods vis-a-vis modern, American Certified Pediatricians’ approach. But as I gained more and more experience as a Mother, I realised that the greatest lessons I learnt about Motherhood were not so much about whether water was an ok thing to give or not to an infant, but about patience, love, and perseverance. And these lessons, Ma taught me.

My mother is not modern in the literal sense, but is well ahead of her times. To me, Ma was my Google. She taught me what the online forums or even this little bit of maternal rant can’t teach. She taught me to be calm. She taught me the meaning of freedom. I knew along with what the word meant, it came with a whole bunch of responsibilities. She taught me about spirituality and righteousness, in her own little ways. And I try to instill these things in my 4 year old.

With every phase of my little one, Ma passes on to me Motherhood-isms, which to her is more a way of life.  I hope I pass them on to my mini-me with as much expertise as her !

While I am still active on every online forum and discuss ardently about issues pertaining to toddlers and babies, I still always run back to Ma first for any advice at all, on Motherhood.

Isn’t it rightly said, ‘As is the mother, so is her daughter’.

Hope you all had a great Mother’s day!

Contributed by The Ketchup Girl


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