A Book Review – Spiritual Parenting By Gopika Kapoor

Here’s a very interesting book that I read recently called “Spiritual Parenting” by Gopika Kapoor.

A child is truly life’s greatest miracle; raising a child on the other hand is possibly life’s greatest challenge. This coming from a mother of a baby all of 8months old! 🙂

Gopika Kapoor, the writer is herself a mother of twins and she shares with you what she has experienced as a parent and also the experiences of other parents that she observed.   From managing your toddler’s tantrums to advice on how to keep your little one’s birthday party fun – not just for you but for your child as well, and from suggestions on positive discipline to ideas on how to connect with your child, she provides not just solutions, but also useful tips on the common problems that every parent encounters in bringing up a Baby.

From conception to early childhood, Spiritual Parenting takes one through this journey. Combining spirituality with tried-and-tested advice, it offers really simple but effective strategies on how to bring up your children in this mad mad world that we live in – and most importantly how to keep your sanity through this all.

I think what’s important is also the fact that she not just focuses on the child but also on the parents, it is also about how to be happy parents. In her book she also shows us how to tackle the difficulties we face – both physical and emotional as parenting adults – starting from post-partum depression, sleeplessness, strains on spousal relationships, and much more.

Spiritual Parenting is truly a must read for all parents.  Do read this book and hopefully it will show you how life’s greatest challenge is also life’s greatest joys!


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